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swindon lad:
With the Labour election leaflet & the Tories websites being (mostly) up to date the following are looking like the candidates for May.  I have not missed off the Liberal Democrats, just cannot find any info about their candidates on their web site (except probably Tel Hudson in Penhill)

Here are the candidates I know about, please tell me of others:

Abbey Meads   Peter Stoddart*
Central   Karen Leakey
Covingham  & Nythe   Glenn Smith*
Dorcan   Andy Albinson*
Freshbrook & Grange Park   Michael Dickinson*
Hayon Wick   Rex Barnett
Highworth   Mel Duff*
Moredon   Stephanie Excel
Old Town & Lawns   Fionuala Foley*
St Philip   Paul Findlow
Shaw & Nine Elms   Garry Perkins*
Toothill & Westlea   Steve Wakefield*
Walcot   Peter Mallinson*
Wroughton & Chiseldon   Bill Morton*

Abbey Meads   Ian Carroll
Central   Derique Montaut
Covingham  & Nythe   Maureen Dilley
Dorcan   Sally Lee
Eastcott   Sarah Bush
Freshbrook & Grange Park   Carol Heavens
Gorse Hill & Pinehurst   John Ballman*
Hayon Wick   John Keeping
Highworth   Gerry Edwards
Moredon   Maureen Caton*
Old Town & Lawns   Cindy Matthews
Parks   Fay Howard*
Penhill   Paul Baker
St Margaret   Mike Spry
St Philip   Teresa Page
Shaw & Nine Elms   Mary Gladman
Toothill & Westlea   Junab Ali
Walcot   Neil Heavens
Western   Des Moffatt*
Wroughton & Chiseldon   Ruairy Tobin

Lib Dem candidates are now of the website:


Geoff Reid:

Dave, maybe I'm being dense.....but I can't find a list of candidates anywhere on the supplied URL.

Please help!  :)

A straight cut 'n' paste would be helpful  O0

Geoff Reid:

Ah...I see. You need to look at each ward individually.  :-[

Any chance you could supply a complete list, including contact info, by email ?.....pretty please?

swindon lad:
Additions to the Tory list:

Haydon wick - Ian Dobie* [did not spot about the by election]
Parks - Graham Cherry
St margaret - Russel Holland

I am missing Eastcott, Gorse Hill & Pinehurst, Penhill, Western?

Lib Dems, would put a list up but the link is not working


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