Author Topic: 9,000 places at special needs schools have been cut since Labour came to power  (Read 1176 times)

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Nearly 9,000 places at special needs schools have been cut since Labour came to power in 1997. The total number of special school places in England fell from 98,250 in 1997 to 89,390 last year. The majority were in state-funded schools, but hundreds of private special-school places have also been lost.

Does anyone know if this is actually the case?

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David Willets seems to think so.

 But as Angela Smith (PPS (Yvette Cooper, Minister of State), Department for Communities and Local Government, Sheffield, points out

The quoted number is the drop in the number of special school places in the last 10 years. During the previous 10 years—1986 to 1997—the then Tory Government closed 234 special schools, so have we not seen the process slow down, rather than speed up?

Whatever... really whatever...

They said that they did to them but not until they did what they had done already...

The fact is that it is fierce difficult to get a decent education finished. If you happen to have special needs then it is nigh on a miracle.
I see clarity from either side that gives any meaningful help to those battling through the system without the means to buy into the private sector.

I offer nothing on this matter except dismay for the general pot.

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Lowering of Standards
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Since 1979, we've seen educational standards being eroded.
Good quality education whether it be for special school or the average child doesn't seem to be a priority.

We're headed towards the old system of grammar schools, whereby  an elite get a good education & the majority get something mediocre.

It's not really a party political thing.....just a sad fact of life.
the poor lack the voice to complain.