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"Parliamentary Questions, buried by John Prescott and yet to be published in Hansard, have today revealed that Prescott has spent £645 of taxpayers money on a new sign for his office – replacing the previous “Office of the Deputy Prime Minister” sign with a new “Deputy Prime Minister’s Office” sign. A further £726 was spent on business cards for the new department."

Oliver Heald commented: :santa_afro:

"John Prescott is costing the taxpayer over £2 million a year despite being handed the political equivalent of a P45 and losing his job. At a time when savage NHS cuts are being imposed by Gordon Brown, burning cash on a vanity department is a scandalous waste of time and money.  Prescott’s department was described by his staff as a ‘pantomime horse’. The Whitehall farce is continuing with taxpayers’ money being wasted on a pointless new sign for pointless new department that faces the chop when Tony Blair finally leaves Downing Street.”

Well I never, who would have thought John so silly? :censored:

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It would appear that Mr Prescott has finally found gainful employment

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