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Age of Democracy
« on: May 21, 2019, 04:20:34 PM »
I wonder how many readers are supporters of the town's football team? In the last few days, the Brexit party was due to have an election meeting in the Legends Lounge last night, but it was cancelled at the last minue. The club stated that they found out that it was a 'political rally' and so that was against their rules and thus the cancellation. Now go back to last December and the same lounge was used for a labour party meeting, which by any thought, must have been seen as political, but it was not cancelled.   You can think what you like about this club, they go through managers like I use toilet paper, and you know what that use if for, go back a few weeks and the then manager said, we need to regroup, get a few more staff in and then go forward next season, after the very next match, which they lost, it was all out, regarding staff. Now they have a conscience, so 'political meetings' are now out, well that is if you are the Brexit Party.  I wonder who leant on the club, and what is their excuse for this behaviour? Yet another marker for this 'club'...