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council carve up....
« on: February 05, 2019, 09:38:19 PM »
Several weeks ago, I sent an objection, to the plans  to offload all the pay areas and open spaces in the town to the respective parish councils, I did not receive a reply to my objection, or even that it would be considered etc, Today the Haydon Wick parish council has announced its yearly parish precept payment is to go by around £20, and the main reason, yes the cost of refurbishing the play areas etc.. you couldn't make it up, no doubt in the next few days, we will also be told the PCC precept payment is to go up as planned, around £24 a year, this is another kick in the teeth from the tory led gov, who are just passing the financial buck onto the public to provide more police, that they scrapped.  The PCC office is costing now, over 2 million pounds a year, that needs to be cut first, or the International Aid budget, the public should not be made to fund the police..  Its bad enough that the public have to fund the Air ambulance, when we can give the world over 14 billion every year...

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Re: council carve up....
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