Author Topic: its called passing the buck....  (Read 17214 times)

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its called passing the buck....
« on: December 15, 2018, 09:22:39 AM »
I wonder how many readers, yesterday read the pubic notice in the adver, to let people know that the council is in the process of leasing off nearly all of its open public play spaces, in such areas as west Swindon, mordon, gorsehil etc, they are going to be leased off to the respective parish council. This may seem a good idea, but what it amounts to, is just the council passing the buck to the parish councils to fund and support these areas, which will mean more local parish tax payments to meet the demand.  Its was also announced yesterday that C. Tax is go up by around 6% this year, let alone the cost of the police remit, which is now doubled, and as shown today, most chief police offices now earn more than the prime minister. Time for the Yellow Jackets I think.....