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Psycopaths Rule
« on: March 18, 2016, 01:09:56 PM »
George Osborne, livid at the Economy’s refusal to obey him thrashes the weak again for light relief.

Nothing will improve for the majority in this class-ridden country of ours until it is recognised that we are allowing sociopaths into our highest positions of power. It is the same the world over and is what maintains the wicked status quo. No one who lacks the elemental capacity to empathise should be allowed power and worse still, those who are so psychologically dysfunctional as to be literally devoid of conscience.

Watch the dispassionate ease with which George Osborne torments the most vulnerable in society while luxuriating in decadent privilege. It would be better were he simply stupefied by the gross inequities of his accident of birth but he is, while this, much more addled by a psychological estrangement from the human condition shared by most of us, that of a visceral and inescapable commonality - and this condemns us as much as him for allowing him and his ilk High Office. He is not simply a disgrace but a real and present danger. Psycopaths Rule! – and that is not  a rally call but a terrifying statement of fact.

Take a look if you dare, at the thunderous, evil glare that is the visage of Ian Duncan Smith whenever caught as he was yesterday, in the glare of public challenge – it is a look that says better than words, how savagely, insanely furious he still is to have lost the part to Anthony Hopkins, when it was plainly made for him.

Wake up not-so-Great Britain and get rid of them before they get rid of you.