Author Topic: The Long Reach of Social Media.  (Read 2518 times)

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The Long Reach of Social Media.
« on: May 24, 2015, 10:40:23 AM »
I have today received a telecommunication from the Orient to be passed on to Talkswindon members.

Our own Weebleman, along with Memsahib, naturally, are presently visiting their offspring in that place of wonder to us occidentals, Shanghai.

My chum reports that Geoff must be doing something correctly, because not only have the Chinese (authoritarian) authorities blocked the BBC on the internet, they have also blocked Talkswindon!

Weebleman offers his congratulations to Geoff for not only providing a watching brief over the activities of SBC but also being of concern to the government of a country that keeps a watching brief on it's 1.4Billion citizens. :police:

What's it all about?

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Re: The Long Reach of Social Media.
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2015, 10:21:33 PM »
Unfortunately SBC will be the last people on the planet to take an interest in any insight I have on how they could improve.
In reply to my Freedom of Information act requests they respond that they have no records.
So they have no record of the number of people who applied for Direct payments, the number of people who received a phone assessment for Direct payments, the number of people who received an in person assessment for Direct payments, and the number of people who are in receipt of direct payments.
Logic would indicate that if anyone in fact received direct payments from SBC (and I doubt if anyone ever has) then SBC have no idea how much money they have payed out in direct payments?
They did however confirm that the assessor's decision is final, therefore there is no appeal process to the assessor's decision and therefore any communication requesting information on how to appeal or requesting to appeal is not recorded and is responded to stating the decision of the assessment is final and can not be appealed.
It is little wonder SBC is dysfunctional, they don't keep any records.
With no records they have no idea who did what and when. It seems like they guess if a job has been done or not, and when they guess wrong it either remains not done or gets repeated, and possibly re-repeated.
 My guess is SBC leave it all up to Capita and Capita in turn pass most of it back to SBC because that job does not fall within the remit of the contract Capita has. Jobs don't get done because it is not within anyones job description. If the people at the top are incapable of writing contracts that fit the requirement and/or setting out objective focused logical procedures that everyone can and should follow then it is only a matter of time before the whole pyramid collapses.
IMO SBC should be considered as an example of what not to do, unless the powers that be have no wish to avert the impending revolution of the downtrodden masses.