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2015 British Heart Foundation London To Brighton Cyle Ride

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Geoff Reid:

Ooooh....perhaps perversely, I'm quite looking forward to this bit.

Geoff Reid:

I think we're both ready :)

Last Sunday we enjoyed a 46 mile ride across the Marlborough downs in the gorgeous early summer light and warmth.

From home we cycled up the Old Town railway path, down to Coate and out along Dayhouse Lane to Badbury Wick. Then up through Badbury itself and onto the Ridgeway (road) and along to Foxhill.

From Foxhill we cycled along the Baydon Road, under the M4 and turned right onto (Lottage Road?) the quieter road into Aldbourne where, after using the handily placed public conveniences I lectured Rachael at length on Aldbournes association with Doctor Who and why there's a Dalek outside the Crown Pub :)

Leaving Aldbourne I led Rachael up Stock Lane which begins with a short 10% (1:10) hill and then behaves itself with a more comfortable and sustainable gentle climb for several miles until it reaches 800+ feet at its junction with Copse Drove where we turned left to head down a 17% (1:7?) hill into Ogbourne St George.

From Ogbourne St George we took the Chiseldon & Marlborough Railway path, (National Cycle Route No. 482), into Marlborough where we headed straight for Pollys Tea Rooms where two for two was consumed by both of us, and a chocolate cream bun by Rachael :)

Back in the saddle(s) we wound our way up and out of Marlborough via Kingsbury Street as we began a long climb towards the 928 ft summit of Hackpen Hill.

Back when neither of was was particularly fit-for-cycling we'd approached Hackpen hill after dropping down into Rockley from the Ridgeway near Avebury.  It wasn't an overly successful ride on that day because neither of us really possessed the strength, stamina or technique to enjoy the ride or where it was taking us.  This time we did! :) 

Here's Rachael just a few yards from the top of Hackpen Hill, Marlborough is somewhere way back and way down in the picture....

...and actually at the top.  I think her face says it all

Leaving Hackpen Hill we turned onto the Ridgeway and headed back towards Chiseldon where we re-joined our outbound route and cycled gently home.

Yes.  I know this route is 8 miles short of the BHF London to Brighton distance but I'm not really concerned by the distance - I know we can pretty much ride all day long now - but possessing the physical and psychological strength, (and being able to prepare yourself), to ride up and over large hills several times in a single ride can be a daunting and difficult thing for novice riders but I think we're both in a happy place now :)


Phil Chitty:

Good job you didn't do Brighton this week!!!

Geoff Reid:

--- Quote from: Phil Chitty on June 15, 2015, 01:00:03 PM ---

Good job you didn't do Brighton this week!!!

--- End quote ---

Hahaha, cycling in the Scud has never appealed to me although it's one way to avoid getting a cycling tan! :)

Geoff Reid:

Still smiling from Mondays ride :)

I'm flat out until Thursday night so will deliver an after ride report and video by the weekend. 

Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during a brilliant day out :)


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