Author Topic: Commuting By Bicycle #2 Upgrading My Boardman MX Race: The Next 3,000 miles  (Read 2408 times)

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This topic is a direct continuation of: Commuting By Bicycle - Hybrid Upgrade: Boardman MX Race or Voodo Marasa?

I started the first topic on the 28th of August 2013 and, at the time of writing this, it contained 78 postings and had been read 11,877 times.  The topic has been of some interest to other Boardman riders and remains quite high in the search engine rankings.

I was intending to replace the Boardman next month and have accordingly spent some time looking at potential replacements but, after carefully considering potential replacements and reflecting on my learning experiences with the Boardman MX race, I've decided that the best £1,000 fit for me would be.....another Boardman :)

Given that I would essentially be buying the same basic bike, (but with higher quality individual components), I've decided to keep the MX and steadily upgrade some of the components to a quality and mix of my own choosing, rather than to a 'price-point' chosen by the manufacturer.   

This was quite an easy decision because I really like the MX, (I've actually grown very attached to it), and I'm not easily swayed by peer pressure, marketing campaigns and magazine articles about what's 'in' this month, so I don't feel particularly bothered about riding an older bike when many around me are thrashing around on this years offerings.

I'm not intending to buy the most expensive/highest quality components available, but I will seeking a sensible balance between price, performance and longevity which will should, hopefully, lead to much higher intervals between component replacements - (bottom bracket, freehub bodies, front and rear mechs etc.)

First proper entry should be next weekend when I replace the O.E.M Avid BB5 mechanical disk brakes with Shimano hydraulic brakes....
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