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Austerity meeting
« on: March 05, 2015, 10:00:20 PM »
Went to the Austerity meeting tonight, in the comm centre in Gorsehill, anything for a laugh as they say, was just an excuse for blatant communism, the tuc lady said she wouldn't rest until the minimum wage was £10 an hour, didn't explain how that figure would be achieved, either by costs for prices, the cost to small firms or the loss of potential jobs, the man from austerity said that oil firms had no thoughts on climate change as they were only interested in profit, didn't explain how turbine firms work for profit, etc, several spoke on immigration and told us how they are saving the country, didnt explain the figures released yesterday, which showed, that during labours open back door regime, they were coming in at a rate of about one a minute, over 4 million now the figures are put at, then they went onto discuss housing shortage, which of course is nothing to do with migrant needs. etc etc,
what world do these commies live on..